Beginning Milal Mission in Charlotte

Milal Mission was started in 1979 with the Christian faith as its foundation and evangelism, service and education for disabilities as its goals by Dr. Lee Jae Seo who was blind himself.

Milal Mission in South Korea grew quickly and spread around the world, attracting people who wanted to help and opening new mission centers in their location for people with disabilities. Milal Mission began in the United States in 1987.

Today, there are over a 1000 Milal Mission Centers in 66 countries on six continents. All of these communities are part of the International Federation of Milal Mission.

Milal Mission in Charlotte takes a small first step of offering AGAPE class after much thought. Prayers for the needs are great.

“Life is service.”

We are waiting to see more people of the greater Charlotte area show interest and become involved in the work of building the world of serving and caring for one another as a grain of wheat which gives itself to bring forth many more grains.

Milal Mission in Charlotte is a non-profit organization registered in North Carolina.